Android Creator at Primaseller Task description On building the mobile app, you’ll work. Your responsibilities will include: 1. Creating and developing the app 2. Software with all the machine squads to combine the app with all the services that are backend 3. Distribute and continue maintaining the app on the Google Play Retailer. 1. Have a robust comprehensive understanding such as for instance Activities, Companies, Intents, Content Providers and Notifications, Web Apps and Net View of the SDK, software architecture and concepts. 2.

With out you around you supervisor can’t do something.

Be not uncomfortable with concurrent development, utilizing and parsing XML & JSON REST APIs. 3. Have the capacity to show a strong comprehension of knowledge components and fundamental formulas. Encounter with writing application on Google Play Store and Android Google APIs is vital. Atleast 3-5 years experience written down & debugging Android purposes Established track record of building Android programs over last 3 yrs (SHOULD give people links if previously on Play retailer or offer APKs) Expertise in UI design building, using designs and frequent subjects. Animations, signals, Place based companies are Pushed by Managing Connection With Javascript for website- knowledge and UIs of frameworks like jQuery etc. is just a plus.